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The truth about the Sony A6000 Refurbished

Sony’s A6000 mirrorless digital camera was first released in 2014, it has since been superseded by the A6300 and A6500 models. The A6000 is still, however, a very nicely equipped camera despite not being the latest model.

Sony refurbished A6000

Buying a Sony refurbished A6000 really makes sense when you check the specs compared to the newer models. The newer models feature improvements in maximum ISO, auto-focus, viewfinder screen, and offer 4K movie recording. The A6000 has HD quality video recording, you will have to decide if that is good enough for you or do you need to spend a significant amount of money more, for the 4K recording option.

When the A6000 was first shipped it sold for $800 with the power zoom lens included, the refurbished cost can be much less than half that now. When comparing with the newer models the cost difference really makes buying a refurbished A6000 very attractive. The A6500 sells for in the region of $1400 with a power lens included, and the A6300 sells for $900. Are the feature differences really worth a thousand dollars or more to you?

Sony a6000 bundle

Buying the Sony A6000 bundle can also give you the opportunity to buy the camera complete with accessories at a knockdown price. Accessories, such as carrying cases, stands and additional lenses, which if bought individually would cost a significant amount of money, can often be obtained very cheaply as part of a package.

Since this A6000 was an expensive purchase when new, it is very likely that the owner would have used it with care and so a refurbished choice is less of a risk. You will also be benefiting from the high-quality standards of the Sony brand without the high initial cost.

When you choose to purchase a refurbished Sony A6000 you will get a quality camera which is fully featured and almost as highly specified as the latest Sony models, but for just a fraction of the price.