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Should you buy the Canon 70D Bundle?

The Canon 70D is by far one of the best semi-professional cameras that you can buy on the market at the moment. When considering what camera to buy, you must first consider what you intend to use it for. Are you a filmmaker? Wanting to start semi-professional photography? Or maybe just looking for a good camera to snap some holiday photos. Whatever your requirement, below is a rundown of the features and what to consider when buying the Canon 70D bundle.

The Features

Canon 70D Bundle

For photography, you will want to consider the Canon-70D bundle. This bundle comes equipped with everything the budding photographer could need for his or her camera. The bundle includes the Canon EOS-70D camera body but also comes with various different parts for different photographic needs. It comes with a basic 18-55mm kit lens that comes with almost every DSLR but it also comes with a 55-250mm lens. Aside from this, the bundle includes a huge 64GB SD card to store all your photographs. The size of this card will allow for hundreds of high definition photos to be taken in their RAW format. The SD card comes with an SD card case and the appropriate adaptors to transfer your photos onto a computer.

best lens for Canon 70D DSLR

For videography, this kit contains everything you could need. The lenses for the Canon 70D impressive specifications for filmmaking allow the camera to records high definition footage at 1080p with frame rates of 24, 25 and 30. Most modern day films are recorded at a frame rate of 24, making this camera ideal for any budding filmmakers out there. The screen on the Canon 70D is also rotatable, for any budding vloggers out there. The camera also features a WiFi option, to allow you to transfer files wirelessly if you want to.

Aside from the technical aspects, the kit comes with a camera bag to the house every lens and adaptor that comes with the bundle. All in all, this bundle includes everything a semi-professional photographer or filmmaker could need to get started.