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Nikon D4300 bundle accessories

With an entry model, you expect a guide that you can take with you anywhere and at any time. This is possible with the D3400 bundle because this DSLR has an extensive “guide mode” or auxiliary mode. You can activate it very simply by setting your command dial to “guide”.

If you do that a menu will appear and you can get four options. Record, display/delete, retouch and set. Show/delete speaks for itself. Allows you to view your photos by date, display them as a slideshow or delete photos.

Retouching gives you the space to crop photos or to add filter effects to photos that have already been created. With “Set up” you can set everything such as image quality and format, movie settings, display options, clock and language, format memory card and so on.

Then we come to the most beautiful option, recording. This option helps you to set your camera correctly in different lighting conditions. A distinction is made between simple and advanced operation. With simple operation, you can select what you are going to photograph such as distant subjects or close-ups, night landscapes, moving subjects and so on.

If you select one of these topics you will be given the choice to use the viewfinder or the live image or to make films. You also have “more settings” and that allows you to choose the flash mode and release mode, for example, the only image or continuously. You can also set the ISO with it. With this option, you are in charge of the camera and you can fully use your camera.

If this is your first DSLR, you will notice that you benefit greatly from using the guide mode. You get to know a DSLR camera in an easy way and it will help you step by step in finding the right settings. So make use of the guide mode! This will continue you.