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GoPro Hero5 Black vs Hero6 Black

The GoPro Hero5 Black and Hero6 Black have noticeable differences and if you’ve been thinking about getting one for you but haven’t quite made up your mind yet, this article is for you.

Price and Processor Speed

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GoPro Hero 6 costs $499 whereas the price of GoPro Hero 5 comes at a price of $399 so there’s a noticeable price difference of $100 for these models. However, you can save if you use these cheap GoPro deals available online.

GoPro Hero 6 is undoubtedly way faster when compared to Hero 5 as it has a faster processor to work with. Hero 6 can capture your visions faster, shoot 4K videos from 60 frames per second to 240 frames per second and images are less blurry when compared to Hero 5. Hero 5 has a capturing rate of 30 fps to 120 fps and 4K videos shot using hero 5 can have only 4X slow-motion playback, whereas Hero 6 can give up to 10X rate slow-motion playback on 1080p. This is super smooth and quite impressive for cameras of the same size.

Power Offered by GP1 Processor

Hero 6 is equipped with a GP1 processor, which doubles the rate of processing and encoding data compared to the previous model. Hero 6 can even shoot videos on unfavorable climates with higher video stability while also keeping video performance smoother.

Hero 6 performs at 5 GHz Wi-Fi which is 3X faster when compared to Hero 5 and high-resolution 4K videos can be uploaded faster.

Features Comparison

Quick-stories feature offered by GoPro which automatically fixes the bugs found in raw footage with the help of a smartphone app is much faster for Hero 6. Quick-stories work 3X faster on the Hero 6 possibly due to faster processing over Wi-Fi.

Hero 6 can capture 4K videos on 4:3 ratio, whereas 16:9 ratio is available on older devices, hence taller images can be captured with higher detail. Hero 6 captures images in low light with better detail when compared to hero 5.

Design and Battery

Both models Hero 5 and Hero 6 are waterproof up to 33ft and battery capacity remains the same which is 1220mah. Dimensions of Hero 5 and 6 are same (62mm X 44.6mm X 32.7mm) and you wouldn’t have to worry about space when upgrading from Hero 5 to the newer GoPro Hero 6.


GoPro Hero 6 is definitely way faster than Hero 5 and more efficient in capturing speed and image quality and can be considered worthy of the price difference. It is important to note the difference in processor capability even though both models have the same battery capacity and similar design. When it comes to the camera’s performance, they both score equally but if you prefer to save more space it’s better to go with hero 5.

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