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What to consider when buying refurbished Sony A6000

Are you thinking of buying a Sony A6000 refurbished but don’t know where to start?

Buying refurbished products or products that are not new can be very tricky, especially with digital cameras that are expensive. You’re torn between buying a new Sony A6000 camera for the quality assurance you’re bound to get or buy a refurbished one with an uncertain quality level just because of the price.

Refurbished isn’t bad at all if some precautions and checks are made before purchase, some of which are dividers below.

Read the description of the listing.

Sony A6000 refurbished mirrorless

The list showing the what is included in the refurbished Sony A6000 is usually provided along with the accessories they come with. Peruse the list to make sure vital accessories are included. If the missing accessory or accessories doesn’t mean much to you, you can purchase it.

Buy from authorized dealers.

There are a number of authorized dealers online and in shops. These dealers are the most trusted agencies when it comes to purchasing refurbished cameras like the Sony A6000. Due to the big size of their inventory, they usually have genuine refurbished cameras.

Pay attention to packaging and invoice.

This also is to ensure you’re buying a really refurbished camera. There are individuals and some shops that sell cameras claiming they’re refurbished but they are actually not. Check the invoice to see the warranty. If you’re purchasing online, request that the invoice is snapped and sent to you.

Verify the shutter count

This can be done quite easily. All you need do is get a software or website that does this. After getting the shutter count, upload the count on another website to see the average number of the shutter the camera can take before it’s operation diminishes.

Check the sensor.

This is also easy. A generic test and a dust test could be done.

  • For a generic test, Check the sensor by removing the lens. If it appears clean, move forward.
  • Adjust the camera to the smallest aperture, (F/22 or F/20), take a photo of the clear sky or of a full white surface. Take another shot a meter away. Zoom into the image on the camera’s LCD monitor. Check if there is dust (white specks), usually at the corners. Check the second photo too. If there is dust in any of the images, request that it be cleaned.
  • Check the autofocus. Since you have no other camera (the same model) to compare it with, take shots and make sure it doesn’t keep hunting.

One of the advantages of purchasing a refurbished camera is the price. You get 10% – 30% discount off the retail price. You also get to return the camera if it breaks down or is badly damaged after a number of days.

The downside to buying refurbished is that you never know why the item was labeled refurbished in the first place. With the tips discussed above, however, you can be sure to get a good refurbished Sony A6000 in a reputable store