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GoPro Hero5 Black vs Hero6 Black

The GoPro Hero5 Black and Hero6 Black have noticeable differences and if you’ve been thinking about getting one for you but haven’t quite made up your mind yet, this article is for you.

Price and Processor Speed

Cheap GoPro camera

GoPro Hero 6 costs $499 whereas the price of GoPro Hero 5 comes at a price of $399 so there’s a noticeable price difference of $100 for these models. However, you can save if you use these cheap GoPro deals available online.

GoPro Hero 6 is undoubtedly way faster when compared to Hero 5 as it has a faster processor to work with. Hero 6 can capture your visions faster, shoot 4K videos from 60 frames per second to 240 frames per second and images are less blurry when compared to Hero 5. Hero 5 has a capturing rate of 30 fps to 120 fps and 4K videos shot using hero 5 can have only 4X slow-motion playback, whereas Hero 6 can give up to 10X rate slow-motion playback on 1080p. This is super smooth and quite impressive for cameras of the same size.

Power Offered by GP1 Processor

Hero 6 is equipped with a GP1 processor, which doubles the rate of processing and encoding data compared to the previous model. Hero 6 can even shoot videos on unfavorable climates with higher video stability while also keeping video performance smoother.

Hero 6 performs at 5 GHz Wi-Fi which is 3X faster when compared to Hero 5 and high-resolution 4K videos can be uploaded faster.

Features Comparison

Quick-stories feature offered by GoPro which automatically fixes the bugs found in raw footage with the help of a smartphone app is much faster for Hero 6. Quick-stories work 3X faster on the Hero 6 possibly due to faster processing over Wi-Fi.

Hero 6 can capture 4K videos on 4:3 ratio, whereas 16:9 ratio is available on older devices, hence taller images can be captured with higher detail. Hero 6 captures images in low light with better detail when compared to hero 5.

Design and Battery

Both models Hero 5 and Hero 6 are waterproof up to 33ft and battery capacity remains the same which is 1220mah. Dimensions of Hero 5 and 6 are same (62mm X 44.6mm X 32.7mm) and you wouldn’t have to worry about space when upgrading from Hero 5 to the newer GoPro Hero 6.


GoPro Hero 6 is definitely way faster than Hero 5 and more efficient in capturing speed and image quality and can be considered worthy of the price difference. It is important to note the difference in processor capability even though both models have the same battery capacity and similar design. When it comes to the camera’s performance, they both score equally but if you prefer to save more space it’s better to go with hero 5.

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Canon T6i lenses and bundle accessories worth buying

The Canon EOS Rebel T6i DSLR removes extraordinary photographs from the case with supportive programmed modes and a natural interface. It includes a high-determination 24.2 MegaPixel APS-C CMOS Sensor and DIGIC 6 Image Processor that furnishes excellent pictures and video with profundity and normal excellence without adjusting settings.

The T6i utilizes Canon’s propelled EOS scene investigation framework which naturally changes the camera’s settings in light of the earth and scene setup so that even an aggregate beginner can take awesome pictures and video. You can make sure that when you take photographs with the Rebel T6i they will turn out beautiful and adaptable for sharing or printing.

Canon T6i Best Features

Canon T6i lenses

The Canon T6i highlights a 24.2MP APS-C CMOS sensor with the DIGIC 6 picture processor in the background to take sharp and clear photographs in any light. The Canon T6i lenses have an ISO scope of 100-12800 (expandable to 25600) and can record full HD video at 1080P for most extreme innovativeness in your photographs and recordings. The camera likewise takes stills at 5FPS so you can stay aware of the activity of day to day life or games.

Recommend Canon T6i Lenses

The Canon 18-55mm zoom focal point covers a comparable central length of 29mm-88mm, extraordinary for taking photographs in any circumstance while staying minimized and lightweight. This focal point utilizes a stepper engine to create smooth and calm ceaseless AF amid shooting. The incorporated picture stabilizer makes up for camera shake amid still photography and keeping in mind that chronicle video. When taking stills you will use the 7-sharp edge around the opening to make beautiful delicate foundations. Likewise, manual concentration can be balanced even while AF is turned on.

Crossover CMOS AF III

The T6i uses a 19 cross point self-adjust framework that precisely and immediately tracks moving subjects. It is incredible for use with quick moving pets or kids, brandishes, and even encourages everyday photographs of static subjects. The self-adjust framework is likewise remarkable for video, where its brisk, normal spotlight on moving subjects influence you to resemble a star.

Canon T6i Bundle Packages

Canon T6i bundle package

The T6i bundle kit is anything but difficult to work and has a profound ergonomic hold that feels incredible in the hand. With the best Canon T6i bundle also comes with extra options such as optical viewfinder plainly shows every one of your settings and gives you an about consistent with life 95% scope from the perspective with zero slack.

The conservative and lightweight body just weighs 19.4oz (550g) so you can convey it wherever you go particularly when you venture out or go to uncommon occasions. The body has a 3″ LCD touchscreen with 1,040k spots for showing fine detail and multi-touch for a recognizable squeeze to zoom motion. The touchscreen can be swiveled for taking high and low edge shots and highlights a smear safe covering to limit fingerprints. The T6i is good with the full line of Canon EF and EF-S focal points so you can modify your perspective of the world.


The EOS T6i is an able moviemaking camera with Full HD video (1920 x 1080 at 30 fps) in MP4 design for sensible document sizes and general playback. The T6i is likewise outfitted with a stereo mic that has programmed wind clamor disposal to guarantee your sound is fresh and clear in spite of the shooting condition. A receiver jack is additionally offered if you need to use off-camera amplifiers. The camera includes an HDR film highlight for broadened dynamic range when recording video and furthermore enables you to take photographs while recording video.

Innovative Filters

The camera accompanies various different inventive channels that can be chosen while taking stills, video, or live view shooting. A portion of these includes Toy camera, delicate concentration, workmanship striking, water painting, fisheye, grainy dark/white and smaller than usual. Upgrade the inclination of scenes and make photography more fun.

WiFi and NFC Compatibility

The T6i accompanies both Wi-Fi and NFC availability highlights joined for easy document transfers and sharing. A large number of the camera’s highlights can be gotten to utilizing a good cell phone including seeing photographs, evolving settings, remote view, and remote shade discharge.

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The truth about the Sony A6000 Refurbished

Sony’s A6000 mirrorless digital camera was first released in 2014, it has since been superseded by the A6300 and A6500 models. The A6000 is still, however, a very nicely equipped camera despite not being the latest model.

Sony refurbished A6000

Buying a Sony refurbished A6000 really makes sense when you check the specs compared to the newer models. The newer models feature improvements in maximum ISO, auto-focus, viewfinder screen, and offer 4K movie recording. The A6000 has HD quality video recording, you will have to decide if that is good enough for you or do you need to spend a significant amount of money more, for the 4K recording option.

When the A6000 was first shipped it sold for $800 with the power zoom lens included, the refurbished cost can be much less than half that now. When comparing with the newer models the cost difference really makes buying a refurbished A6000 very attractive. The A6500 sells for in the region of $1400 with a power lens included, and the A6300 sells for $900. Are the feature differences really worth a thousand dollars or more to you?

Sony a6000 bundle

Buying the Sony A6000 bundle can also give you the opportunity to buy the camera complete with accessories at a knockdown price. Accessories, such as carrying cases, stands and additional lenses, which if bought individually would cost a significant amount of money, can often be obtained very cheaply as part of a package.

Since this A6000 was an expensive purchase when new, it is very likely that the owner would have used it with care and so a refurbished choice is less of a risk. You will also be benefiting from the high-quality standards of the Sony brand without the high initial cost.

When you choose to purchase a refurbished Sony A6000 you will get a quality camera which is fully featured and almost as highly specified as the latest Sony models, but for just a fraction of the price.

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What to consider when buying refurbished Sony A6000

Are you thinking of buying a Sony A6000 refurbished but don’t know where to start?

Buying refurbished products or products that are not new can be very tricky, especially with digital cameras that are expensive. You’re torn between buying a new Sony A6000 camera for the quality assurance you’re bound to get or buy a refurbished one with an uncertain quality level just because of the price.

Refurbished isn’t bad at all if some precautions and checks are made before purchase, some of which are dividers below.

Read the description of the listing.

Sony A6000 refurbished mirrorless

The list showing the what is included in the refurbished Sony A6000 is usually provided along with the accessories they come with. Peruse the list to make sure vital accessories are included. If the missing accessory or accessories doesn’t mean much to you, you can purchase it.

Buy from authorized dealers.

There are a number of authorized dealers online and in shops. These dealers are the most trusted agencies when it comes to purchasing refurbished cameras like the Sony A6000. Due to the big size of their inventory, they usually have genuine refurbished cameras.

Pay attention to packaging and invoice.

This also is to ensure you’re buying a really refurbished camera. There are individuals and some shops that sell cameras claiming they’re refurbished but they are actually not. Check the invoice to see the warranty. If you’re purchasing online, request that the invoice is snapped and sent to you.

Verify the shutter count

This can be done quite easily. All you need do is get a software or website that does this. After getting the shutter count, upload the count on another website to see the average number of the shutter the camera can take before it’s operation diminishes.

Check the sensor.

This is also easy. A generic test and a dust test could be done.

  • For a generic test, Check the sensor by removing the lens. If it appears clean, move forward.
  • Adjust the camera to the smallest aperture, (F/22 or F/20), take a photo of the clear sky or of a full white surface. Take another shot a meter away. Zoom into the image on the camera’s LCD monitor. Check if there is dust (white specks), usually at the corners. Check the second photo too. If there is dust in any of the images, request that it be cleaned.
  • Check the autofocus. Since you have no other camera (the same model) to compare it with, take shots and make sure it doesn’t keep hunting.

One of the advantages of purchasing a refurbished camera is the price. You get 10% – 30% discount off the retail price. You also get to return the camera if it breaks down or is badly damaged after a number of days.

The downside to buying refurbished is that you never know why the item was labeled refurbished in the first place. With the tips discussed above, however, you can be sure to get a good refurbished Sony A6000 in a reputable store