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Is the Nikon D3500 bundle the best deal right now?

For everybody who adores recording videos and taking photographs, the Nikon D3500 DSLR has everything to suit your needs. However, getting the right accessories for your photography needs can be expensive, that why many beginners photographer like you opt to buy the Nikon D3500 bundle to save money and get the best deal.

best Nikon D3500 bundle

Although saving money is certainly great, the best Nikon D3500 bundle give the right accessories too. That’s why it’s important to know how you will using this camera, and if you don’t that’s fine too, because you will choose accordingly.

There are sure things you have to put into thought before purchasing the Nikon D3500 bundle package. These variables include:

1. Highlights and functionalities

You ought to dependably guarantee that you take a gander at its particular highlights before buying it. Focus on its memory card on the off chance that it can build its holding limit. It is additionally imperative to see its long-range focal point in the event that it is reduced and lightweight and can empower you to view and zoom things that different cameras can’t perform. Its picture sensor ought to be more helpful than those that are utilized in cell phones.

2. User Interface

The kind of Nikon D3500 bundle you mean to purchase ought to be simple and easy to utilize. You ought not to buy a camera where you will face difficulties in pointing and shooting when you need to take either a photograph or video. It ought to have an agreeable and conservative structure which is incredible for uncommon occasions travel.

3. Compatibility

You ought to pick the one that is ready to function admirably with its Snap Bridge application and furthermore share photographs and recordings with a perfect tablet or cell phone.

4. Execution

It’s implied that as a client you reason to buy the one with better execution. You have to purchase the one with 1080P full HD recordings and has monaural sound on its catch contact. Go for the one that can create a brilliant picture and recordings.

It is dependable critical to buy a D3500 bundle kit that will enable you to achieve your objectives. Different variables that you can look at before getting it incorporates its frill, cost/your spending limit and so on. Continuously think about your taste and inclination.

Nikon D3500 resource page

Full Nikon D3500 resource page:

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Buying guide for Canon T7i bundle

If you love to either record videos or take quality photos, therefore you absolutely know the importance of purchasing the best camera. The Canon T7i bundle has gained praises from the consumers in comparison to different mid-level-cameras that exist in the market.

Canon T7i bundle

Things to consider when buying a Canon T7i bundle

1. Cost-effectiveness of the T7i bundle

One significant thing to acknowledge is the cost-effectiveness of the Canon Rebel T7i bundle. It is usually worth the purchase as the buyer is always very satisfied with the purchase in the long run.

 2. Do  not buy your Canon T7i bundle from unauthorized dealers

When deciding to purchase a camera bundle, the possibilities of one buying from malicious dealers are high which will make one to end-up buying low-quality accessories that will frustrate you after buying. For this reason, one should look out for authorized dealers of the original Canon T7i bundle this way, you’re assured of purchasing the genuine product that will last long.

 3.  Consider protecting your Canon T7i  camera

Safety becomes an important factor to consider. There are some accessories that need to remain encased in protective gear. That means that one should look out for the original Canon T7i camera bag which would keep all the accessories of this camera safe

4. Lookout for good Canon T7i camera Lenses

Owning a good Canon T7i camera is necessary, but good lenses affect the images more. Don’t buy a cheap zoom, particularly on a telephoto-end.

In conclusion, if all these points are considered before buying the a camera bundle,  you will definitely enjoy your purchase for a very long time.

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Must have Canon T6 bundle lenses

Lenses are an integral part of any camera for a serious photographer. If you are considering buying the Canon T6 DSLR camera with a conventional lens kit, then you should consider the lenses below. This covers some valuable information regarding the most important things concerning Canon T6 lenses.

Starting with the least difficult to operate, which is the best lens for the Canon T6?

Canon T6 bundle kit

1. Canon 70-200mm f / 4.0 L HSM – a highly valued include in the best Canon T6 bundle kit, although it’s part of the price of a more advanced choice. It’s the lightest, yet it’s focused on the light gray control color, which is typical for all lenses in this category. In the absence of IS (image stabilization), it is recommended to use a tripod if the light is not too bright.

2. Canon 70-200 f / 4.0 IS L HSM – add to the mix and you can take pictures with your hands at lower speeds, eliminating the need for a tripod. The IS feature adds a few grams of weight, but the size is the same as other f / 4.0 lenses. The price almost doubles though.

3. Canon T6 lenses 70-200 f / 2.7 L HSM – A large aperture of 2.7 is a great advantage for some photographers. This alone increases the value of being able to shoot at lower light levels with the confidence that the shutter speeds are high enough to avoid blurring the image. A large aperture adds length and weight to the lens, but the price is pretty much the same as the previous model.

best Canon T6 lens

In fact, as many photographers prefer to use Canon T6 lenses 70-200 f / 2.7 L HSM and Canon 70-200 f / 4.0 IS L HSM focal length for portrait work, this is the preferred lens of many professionals for this task. They can be used for a wide variety of types of photos, from close-up to outdoor photography, to taking pictures of life and even for portraits. These lenses are real for multitasking.

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The best Nikon D3300 bundle accessories

Taking photos is a fascinating hobby, but buying a Nikon D3300 camera is really just the first step. In a short time, it turns out that additional accessories are necessary to actively deal with photography.
Below we describe useful accessories that are worth buying with the camera.

Note: We excluded the lenses but if you want to find out more, check out this article about the best Nikon D3300 lenses.

Additional memory card

Pictures from modern digital cameras take up quite a lot of space, so it’s worth getting an extra memory card so that we can be sure that we’ll always be able to take more photos. If possible, let’s buy a card with the largest possible capacity, the optimum will be 4 GB or 8 GB. At the same time, make sure that the card with this capacity will serve our camera – older compact cameras often support cards with a maximum capacity of 2 GB.

Memory Card Reader

All digital cameras allow you to rip photos to your computer directly from the camera, via a USB cable, but this operation is usually quite slow. What’s worse, it blocks the camera and we can not take pictures at the time. Therefore, using a special reader for this purpose allows us to perform the entire operation faster and more conveniently, especially if we use two memory cards for a change.

There are readers connected to the computer via a USB port and special ExpressCard cards designed for laptops. When deciding to buy a reader, it is a good idea to choose a model that supports the most popular card types, but if you buy an ExpressCard reader, the choice of supported standards will be much smaller. When choosing an external reader, make sure if it uses the USB 2.0 interface, because it allows the fastest transfer of data to a computer in this type of devices.


Tripod is one of the most important photographic accessories. It allows you to shoot when the lighting is insufficient: on a rainy day, in the evening or at dusk. If we do not use it, the long exposure time will cause the photo to be touched. The tripod is also irreplaceable when taking group shots using the self-timer.

When choosing a tripod, we must take into account the weight of the camera with which we will use it. If we choose the construction too light and flaccid, it will not fulfill its task, and the photos will come out moved. What’s worse, the camera mounted on such a stand can simply tip over and damage.

The most popular – and appearing in various varieties – tripods are tripods. Here, depending on the solidity of the workmanship and the destination, we can meet both filigree models with a kilogram load capacity (just right for an advanced compact or a light reflex camera with a cheap lens) for a studio capacity of 20 kg. A typical tripod consists of several elements: fold-out legs, a column and a head. Lighter and smaller models usually have a non-replaceable, integrated head, medium-sized ones have an interchangeable head, models designed for more serious applications are sold without a head at all, which must be purchased separately. Tripods after folding, have a length of several tens of centimeters, which allows you to attach them, for example, to a photographic backpack.

The flash lamp

Although most cameras, both compact and SLR, are equipped with a built-in flash, there are plenty of external flash units on the market. Their main advantage (compared to built-in lamps) is the greater flash strength, allowing you to take pictures from a greater distance. But that’s not the end. External flash lamps often have many functions unavailable for built-in lamps, which allow them to get a lot of interesting photographic effects, the most interesting of which is: a photo that looks like it was done without using a lamp. Yes, it’s not a mistake. Photographs taken with the use of built-in lamps have a recognizable “flat” character at first glance. It is the desire to avoid it is the most important reason for the existence of external flashlights, as well as most of the construction solutions found in them. At the same time, moving the lamp away from the optical axis of the lens greatly reduces the occurrence of red-eye.

Spare battery

The source of electricity supplying most digital cameras is a lithium-ion battery. If we often take photos, especially in the open air, it is worth having an additional link – it will protect us from the loss of the possibility of taking pictures due to the exhaustion of energy.

It should be remembered that the new battery must match our camera – it is not enough for it to be intended for the devices of a given manufacturer, as they use several or even several varieties of them. Placing the wrong battery in the camera (even if you successfully insert it into the correct slot) may damage the camera.

Nikon D3300 bundle resource

To find out more about the best Nikon D3300 bundles visit

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Nikon D4300 bundle accessories

With an entry model, you expect a guide that you can take with you anywhere and at any time. This is possible with the D3400 bundle because this DSLR has an extensive “guide mode” or auxiliary mode. You can activate it very simply by setting your command dial to “guide”.

If you do that a menu will appear and you can get four options. Record, display/delete, retouch and set. Show/delete speaks for itself. Allows you to view your photos by date, display them as a slideshow or delete photos.

Retouching gives you the space to crop photos or to add filter effects to photos that have already been created. With “Set up” you can set everything such as image quality and format, movie settings, display options, clock and language, format memory card and so on.

Then we come to the most beautiful option, recording. This option helps you to set your camera correctly in different lighting conditions. A distinction is made between simple and advanced operation. With simple operation, you can select what you are going to photograph such as distant subjects or close-ups, night landscapes, moving subjects and so on.

If you select one of these topics you will be given the choice to use the viewfinder or the live image or to make films. You also have “more settings” and that allows you to choose the flash mode and release mode, for example, the only image or continuously. You can also set the ISO with it. With this option, you are in charge of the camera and you can fully use your camera.

If this is your first DSLR, you will notice that you benefit greatly from using the guide mode. You get to know a DSLR camera in an easy way and it will help you step by step in finding the right settings. So make use of the guide mode! This will continue you.

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Canon 80D Review in 2018

Depiction: Despite the cons, Canon 80D is one camera that is ready to fulfill the necessities of semi-star photograph aficionados. Actually, it’s worked to provide food for everybody who wishes to catch each minute with exceptionally distinctive sharp pictures.

Canon 80D review

The landing of Canon 80D was met with celebration and, at a few focuses, wariness. How is this going to passage well with its forerunners and its closest rivals, for example, Nikon D7000? Here’s a true blue Canon 80D audit:

Who it is meant for

The key to any item is the exact meaning of the objective market. On account of Canon 80D, savants trust that it’s intended for the semi-genius. These are people who are never again novices and searching for testing bits of gear to utilize. In any case, they are not experts who request more highlights, including a greater gathering of enhancements and simple post-handling of photographs, from their cameras.

This likewise clarifies why the Canon 80D cost is mid-go. All things considered, the Canon 80D cost has additionally attempted further bolstering its good fortune, as different fans, for example, families, have chosen to buy one for their own utilization.

It is in the size

One of the greatest evident changes of Canon 80D is discovered physically. With a measurement of 5.7 creeps in width, 3.1 crawls top to bottom, and 4.2 creeps in stature, it is more conservative and significantly more versatile than different cameras, even those from Canon. On the off chance that this isn’t sufficient, it weighs just somewhat more than a pound. It might have something to do with the oversight of the metal amalgam development. This has been supplanted by a metal skeleton yet with a plastic body.


Another awesome offering of Canon 80D is it’s extremely advantageous to utilize. For one, a considerable measure of the catches as of now have committed capacities. We aren’t sure at first if this is great, as there are as of now more catches to retain. By and by, once you move beyond the learning procedure, you’ll find that committed catches are the best approach in the event that you need to spare a considerable measure of time. It makes utilization of the four-way controller, an improvement of the little joystick found in 50D.

The expansion to 18 megapixels permits the catch of all the more staggering and crisper pictures. Also, since Canon 60D is pressed with innovative channels and embellishments, you can invest less energy amid the post-preparing. The said changes can likewise be found in the Live Viewer. The viewfinder scope has been extended to 96 percent as well. As a client, you can change over the crude documents to a more photograph transferring cordial JPEG ideal on the camera. It’s additionally conceivable to trim photographs without losing imperative points of interest.

Find more information on how to buy and save money with the Canon 80D bundle kit package available online

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Should you buy the Canon 70D Bundle?

The Canon 70D is by far one of the best semi-professional cameras that you can buy on the market at the moment. When considering what camera to buy, you must first consider what you intend to use it for. Are you a filmmaker? Wanting to start semi-professional photography? Or maybe just looking for a good camera to snap some holiday photos. Whatever your requirement, below is a rundown of the features and what to consider when buying the Canon 70D bundle.

The Features

Canon 70D Bundle

For photography, you will want to consider the Canon-70D bundle. This bundle comes equipped with everything the budding photographer could need for his or her camera. The bundle includes the Canon EOS-70D camera body but also comes with various different parts for different photographic needs. It comes with a basic 18-55mm kit lens that comes with almost every DSLR but it also comes with a 55-250mm lens. Aside from this, the bundle includes a huge 64GB SD card to store all your photographs. The size of this card will allow for hundreds of high definition photos to be taken in their RAW format. The SD card comes with an SD card case and the appropriate adaptors to transfer your photos onto a computer.

best lens for Canon 70D DSLR

For videography, this kit contains everything you could need. The lenses for the Canon 70D impressive specifications for filmmaking allow the camera to records high definition footage at 1080p with frame rates of 24, 25 and 30. Most modern day films are recorded at a frame rate of 24, making this camera ideal for any budding filmmakers out there. The screen on the Canon 70D is also rotatable, for any budding vloggers out there. The camera also features a WiFi option, to allow you to transfer files wirelessly if you want to.

Aside from the technical aspects, the kit comes with a camera bag to the house every lens and adaptor that comes with the bundle. All in all, this bundle includes everything a semi-professional photographer or filmmaker could need to get started.

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GoPro Hero5 Black vs Hero6 Black

The GoPro Hero5 Black and Hero6 Black have noticeable differences and if you’ve been thinking about getting one for you but haven’t quite made up your mind yet, this article is for you.

Price and Processor Speed

Cheap GoPro camera

GoPro Hero 6 costs $499 whereas the price of GoPro Hero 5 comes at a price of $399 so there’s a noticeable price difference of $100 for these models. However, you can save if you use these cheap GoPro deals available online.

GoPro Hero 6 is undoubtedly way faster when compared to Hero 5 as it has a faster processor to work with. Hero 6 can capture your visions faster, shoot 4K videos from 60 frames per second to 240 frames per second and images are less blurry when compared to Hero 5. Hero 5 has a capturing rate of 30 fps to 120 fps and 4K videos shot using hero 5 can have only 4X slow-motion playback, whereas Hero 6 can give up to 10X rate slow-motion playback on 1080p. This is super smooth and quite impressive for cameras of the same size.

Power Offered by GP1 Processor

Hero 6 is equipped with a GP1 processor, which doubles the rate of processing and encoding data compared to the previous model. Hero 6 can even shoot videos on unfavorable climates with higher video stability while also keeping video performance smoother.

Hero 6 performs at 5 GHz Wi-Fi which is 3X faster when compared to Hero 5 and high-resolution 4K videos can be uploaded faster.

Features Comparison

Quick-stories feature offered by GoPro which automatically fixes the bugs found in raw footage with the help of a smartphone app is much faster for Hero 6. Quick-stories work 3X faster on the Hero 6 possibly due to faster processing over Wi-Fi.

Hero 6 can capture 4K videos on 4:3 ratio, whereas 16:9 ratio is available on older devices, hence taller images can be captured with higher detail. Hero 6 captures images in low light with better detail when compared to hero 5.

Design and Battery

Both models Hero 5 and Hero 6 are waterproof up to 33ft and battery capacity remains the same which is 1220mah. Dimensions of Hero 5 and 6 are same (62mm X 44.6mm X 32.7mm) and you wouldn’t have to worry about space when upgrading from Hero 5 to the newer GoPro Hero 6.


GoPro Hero 6 is definitely way faster than Hero 5 and more efficient in capturing speed and image quality and can be considered worthy of the price difference. It is important to note the difference in processor capability even though both models have the same battery capacity and similar design. When it comes to the camera’s performance, they both score equally but if you prefer to save more space it’s better to go with hero 5.

GoPro karma


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Canon T6i lenses and bundle accessories worth buying

The Canon EOS Rebel T6i DSLR removes extraordinary photographs from the case with supportive programmed modes and a natural interface. It includes a high-determination 24.2 MegaPixel APS-C CMOS Sensor and DIGIC 6 Image Processor that furnishes excellent pictures and video with profundity and normal excellence without adjusting settings.

The T6i utilizes Canon’s propelled EOS scene investigation framework which naturally changes the camera’s settings in light of the earth and scene setup so that even an aggregate beginner can take awesome pictures and video. You can make sure that when you take photographs with the Rebel T6i they will turn out beautiful and adaptable for sharing or printing.

Canon T6i Best Features

Canon T6i lenses

The Canon T6i highlights a 24.2MP APS-C CMOS sensor with the DIGIC 6 picture processor in the background to take sharp and clear photographs in any light. The Canon T6i lenses have an ISO scope of 100-12800 (expandable to 25600) and can record full HD video at 1080P for most extreme innovativeness in your photographs and recordings. The camera likewise takes stills at 5FPS so you can stay aware of the activity of day to day life or games.

Recommend Canon T6i Lenses

The Canon 18-55mm zoom focal point covers a comparable central length of 29mm-88mm, extraordinary for taking photographs in any circumstance while staying minimized and lightweight. This focal point utilizes a stepper engine to create smooth and calm ceaseless AF amid shooting. The incorporated picture stabilizer makes up for camera shake amid still photography and keeping in mind that chronicle video. When taking stills you will use the 7-sharp edge around the opening to make beautiful delicate foundations. Likewise, manual concentration can be balanced even while AF is turned on.

Crossover CMOS AF III

The T6i uses a 19 cross point self-adjust framework that precisely and immediately tracks moving subjects. It is incredible for use with quick moving pets or kids, brandishes, and even encourages everyday photographs of static subjects. The self-adjust framework is likewise remarkable for video, where its brisk, normal spotlight on moving subjects influence you to resemble a star.

Canon T6i Bundle Packages

Canon T6i bundle package

The T6i bundle kit is anything but difficult to work and has a profound ergonomic hold that feels incredible in the hand. With the best Canon T6i bundle also comes with extra options such as optical viewfinder plainly shows every one of your settings and gives you an about consistent with life 95% scope from the perspective with zero slack.

The conservative and lightweight body just weighs 19.4oz (550g) so you can convey it wherever you go particularly when you venture out or go to uncommon occasions. The body has a 3″ LCD touchscreen with 1,040k spots for showing fine detail and multi-touch for a recognizable squeeze to zoom motion. The touchscreen can be swiveled for taking high and low edge shots and highlights a smear safe covering to limit fingerprints. The T6i is good with the full line of Canon EF and EF-S focal points so you can modify your perspective of the world.


The EOS T6i is an able moviemaking camera with Full HD video (1920 x 1080 at 30 fps) in MP4 design for sensible document sizes and general playback. The T6i is likewise outfitted with a stereo mic that has programmed wind clamor disposal to guarantee your sound is fresh and clear in spite of the shooting condition. A receiver jack is additionally offered if you need to use off-camera amplifiers. The camera includes an HDR film highlight for broadened dynamic range when recording video and furthermore enables you to take photographs while recording video.

Innovative Filters

The camera accompanies various different inventive channels that can be chosen while taking stills, video, or live view shooting. A portion of these includes Toy camera, delicate concentration, workmanship striking, water painting, fisheye, grainy dark/white and smaller than usual. Upgrade the inclination of scenes and make photography more fun.

WiFi and NFC Compatibility

The T6i accompanies both Wi-Fi and NFC availability highlights joined for easy document transfers and sharing. A large number of the camera’s highlights can be gotten to utilizing a good cell phone including seeing photographs, evolving settings, remote view, and remote shade discharge.

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The truth about the Sony A6000 Refurbished

Sony’s A6000 mirrorless digital camera was first released in 2014, it has since been superseded by the A6300 and A6500 models. The A6000 is still, however, a very nicely equipped camera despite not being the latest model.

Sony refurbished A6000

Buying a Sony refurbished A6000 really makes sense when you check the specs compared to the newer models. The newer models feature improvements in maximum ISO, auto-focus, viewfinder screen, and offer 4K movie recording. The A6000 has HD quality video recording, you will have to decide if that is good enough for you or do you need to spend a significant amount of money more, for the 4K recording option.

When the A6000 was first shipped it sold for $800 with the power zoom lens included, the refurbished cost can be much less than half that now. When comparing with the newer models the cost difference really makes buying a refurbished A6000 very attractive. The A6500 sells for in the region of $1400 with a power lens included, and the A6300 sells for $900. Are the feature differences really worth a thousand dollars or more to you?

Sony a6000 bundle

Buying the Sony A6000 bundle can also give you the opportunity to buy the camera complete with accessories at a knockdown price. Accessories, such as carrying cases, stands and additional lenses, which if bought individually would cost a significant amount of money, can often be obtained very cheaply as part of a package.

Since this A6000 was an expensive purchase when new, it is very likely that the owner would have used it with care and so a refurbished choice is less of a risk. You will also be benefiting from the high-quality standards of the Sony brand without the high initial cost.

When you choose to purchase a refurbished Sony A6000 you will get a quality camera which is fully featured and almost as highly specified as the latest Sony models, but for just a fraction of the price.